Claiming your

After buying your Bagru/Shirt/01 NFT you will need to claim delivery of the physical shirt. Here is the process you will follow to make that happen.If you have any questions or struggle to claim your shirt, please email with your questions.

1. Enter your wallet Info

The first step is to verify that your wallet contains an Origin Thread shirt token. To do this, head to

Here you will be asked to enter your wallet address or $handle.

2. Verify wallet ownership

Next you will need to verify ownership of your wallet. To do this you will need to send a small transaction to yourself. Please be sure to send the exact amount listed.

It can take a couple of minutes for this transaction to register on-chain so please be patient.

3. Select the asset you wish to claim

Next you will need to select the shirt you wish to claim. If you have purchased multiple tokens they will list here. Please note you can select a different size and delivery address for each token.

4. Choose size and enter delivery info

Next you will need to select your size and enter your delivery information. If you are unsure of your size a link to the sizing chart can be found on this page.

If you would like to keep your IRL address private, please read our guide to anon delivery.

5. Confirmation

If all of your information is entered correctly you will see a confirmation message. The app will return you to your list of assets and list “already claimed” by the asset.

Origin Thread will email you before production of your shirt to confirm your details.