The blockchain offers the promise of pseudonymous peer to peer transactions. This works well when receiving digital items like NFTs however when claiming delivery of physical items, this pseudonymity begins to falter.

Understandably, some of our customers may wish for there to be no connection between their wallet address and their physical address. If this is the case for you, there is a few options you can explore.

1. Trusted 3rd party

The simplest method is to have your garment delivered to a trusted 3rd party. This could be a friend, colleague, family member of place of work. You can use your aquaintances name instead of your real name.

2. PO BOx or parcel receiving service

The next option for you to explore is renting a PO box or using a parcel receiving service. Your garment will be delivered to an external address with Origin Thread having no way to link this to your real world identity . offers such a service that covers most of the world for just $5 per parcel.

3. Anonymous parcel forwarding

Anonymous mail forwarding services like Priparcel will receive and then forward on your package for you. This option is the most expensive but will mean that Origin Thread will not even know your country of residence or geographic vicinity.

A quick note on our privacy policy

We understand that privacy is important to some of our customers. We don't track you with cookies or share your data with anyone. We don't store your information for longer then we need to. For more info, please read our privacy policy.